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Roland Garros

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Second Year Campaign

After their triumphant tennis player sponsorship at Roland Garros 2022, Accor surged forward by securing 10 exclusive player sponsorships for Roland Garros 2023. This strategic collaboration seamlessly embedded their logo into the prestigious tennis event through player patches, sparking a profound impact among elite athletes and a global audience.

Strategic Activation

Accor’s meticulous approach to the tennis player sponsorship programme ensured amplified exposure and engagement throughout the event, solidifying their presence as a dominant force. Through innovative strategies and strategic partnerships, Accor continues to showcase its commitment to elevating brand visibility and leaving a lasting impression on the event.

By leveraging tennis player sponsorships as a vehicle for brand storytelling, Accor not only captivates audiences during the event but also fosters long-term connections beyond the tournament. This holistic approach to sports sponsorship reinforces Accor’s reputation as a forward-thinking industry leader, committed to driving both on-court success and off-court engagement.

Social Media Activation

Accor’s tennis player sponsorship campaign featured social media contributions from all the players they partnered with during the event. These posts, commonly shared on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, comprised gratitude messages and direct tagging of the brand, showcasing a mutual appreciation and engagement between the players and Accor.

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