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Repeat Booking

Following their triumphant sponsorship of 30 players at Wimbledon 2022, Emirates Airlines embarked on an even more ambitious journey in 2023, solidifying their brand’s prominence by securing an impressive 200 tennis player sponsorships. This strategic use of the P11 Group tennis player sponsorship programme not only bolstered their presence but also cemented their position as a key player in the prestigious tennis arena.

Strategic Activation

Emirates Airlines seamlessly integrated their iconic logo into the fabric of Wimbledon through the strategic placement of player’s apparel logos, effectively captivating the attention of both esteemed athletes and a global audience. This deliberate partnership was not merely about visibility; it was about crafting a narrative of excellence and exclusivity.

The meticulous execution of the comprehensive tennis player sponsorship strategy ensured unparalleled exposure and engagement throughout the event, underscoring Emirates Airlines’ commitment to leveraging innovative marketing avenues to connect with their audience on a grand scale.

Social Media Activation

As part of their Tennis player sponsorship campaign, Emirates received a social media post from all the players they sponsored at Wimbledon 2023. This included “thank you for support” messages, tagging, and more across posts and stories.

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