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Go Markets at Australian Open & Wimbledon


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Australian Open & Wimbledon

Player Activations:


Repeat Booking

GO Markets built on their previous tennis player sponsorship campaigns with P11 Group, having established a solid track record with previous campaigns at Wimbledon in 2021 and 2022, as well as the Australian Open in 2022.

This history of repeat booking highlighted GO Markets’ long-term commitment to integrating their brand with prestigious tennis events. Their strategic approach has consistently positioned them at the forefront of sports sponsorship, leveraging high-visibility opportunities to enhance brand recognition and engagement.

The continued sponsorship over the years underscores their reliability and sustained investment in promoting the Go Markets brand through tennis on the world stage.

Australian Open Highlights

At the Australian Open 2023, GO Markets made a significant impact by sponsoring key tennis players throughout the tournament. Their tennis player sponsorship was prominently featured in high-profile first-round matches such as Quentin Halys vs. Stefanos Tsitsipas, Jason Kubler vs. Sebastian Baez, and Marcos Giron vs. Daniil Medvedev.

As the tournament progressed, GO Markets’ presence was visible in subsequent rounds, with sponsorships for Jason Kubler vs. Karen Khachanov and Jiri Lehecka vs. Stefanos Tsitsipas in the Quarter Finals. This strategic placement ensured that GO Markets’ brand was consistently visible to a wide audience, enhancing their recognition among tennis fans and showcasing their commitment to supporting top-tier athletes.

GO Markets’ extensive involvement at the Australian Open extended to diverse matchups, including Kateřina Siniaková vs. Coco Gauff and Roberto Carballés Baena vs. Novak Djokovic, further solidifying their presence. The tennis player sponsorships spanned various stages of the tournament, from early rounds to the Quarter Finals, amplifying their brand exposure.

By aligning with prominent matches and leveraging their strategic sponsorship, GO Markets successfully engaged with the global tennis community, reinforcing their brand’s association with excellence and high performance in the world of sports.

Wimbledon Highlights

At Wimbledon 2023, GO Markets continued their impactful sponsorship campaign, featuring prominently in several key matches. Their tennis player sponsorship was visible in critical first-round matchups, such as Zhu Lin vs. Iga Świątek and Max Purcell vs. Andrey Rublev.

As the tournament progressed, GO Markets maintained a strong presence in later stages, sponsoring players like Neal Skupski (with Wesley Koolhof) in the Semi-Finals and Final, as well as Storm Hunter (with Elise Mertens) in the Final. This strategic approach ensured that GO Markets’ brand was continuously showcased, capturing the attention of tennis enthusiasts and reinforcing their commitment to supporting premier sporting events.

GO Markets’ tennis player sponsorship at Wimbledon extended to a variety of matches, including Storm Hunter vs. Wang Xinyu and Jason Kubler vs. Ugo Humbert, further amplifying their brand visibility. The sponsorships covered different rounds of the tournament, ensuring widespread exposure.

By associating with high-profile matches and leveraging digital engagement, GO Markets successfully enhanced their brand presence and connected with a diverse audience. This comprehensive strategy underscored their dedication to the sport and solidified their reputation as a prominent and reliable partner in the tennis world.

Social Media Activation

As part of their Tennis player sponsorship campaign, Go Markets received a social media post from all the players they sponsored at the Australian Open 2023 and Wimbledon 2023. This included “thank you for support” messages, tagging, and more across posts and stories.

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